Is Medical Marijuana Actually Beneficial For Diabetes-Induced Eye Health Problems?

Posted on: 2 October 2018

Medical marijuana has a reputation for being great for certain eye health conditions. If you have diabetes, you probably already know that your eyes are at risk of developing certain conditions, especially if you have related health problems like high blood pressure. Read this guide to find out if medical marijuana really has anything to offer you.

It's Reputation

Medical marijuana does have a reputation for being beneficial in helping to bring down the pressure in the eyes. This is a common problem for people with diabetes and is one of the reasons why people with diabetes are at a higher risk of developing glaucoma and similar eye conditions.

In theory, taking medical marijuana can help to bring down the eye pressure that triggers glaucoma, and thus, should be useful in treating glaucoma. However, is it really that helpful in doing so?


The main problem with using medical marijuana for your eye condition is that it requires frequent dosing. Essentially, as soon as the marijuana exits your body, it no longer has any impact on your eyes.

The reason this isn't practical for most people is that it requires taking marijuana around the clock. This means that your mental state would be impaired whenever you're under the influence and actually reaping the benefits of the marijuana for your eyes. This can prevent you from being able to do normal daily activities, like driving your car to do chores. Even if medical marijuana is legal where you live, it may not be the best solution to prevent or treat eye conditions related to diabetes.

Getting Help

If you have an eye condition due to diabetes or are concerned that you could develop one, the best thing you could do is visit an eye doctor.

Your eye doctor has years of experience under their belt and a myriad of studies and science that have found treatments for diabetic eye conditions. Sticking to a regular examination schedule and using the medicine prescribed to you by your eye doctor will treat your condition and prevent it from getting worse. When used in combination with your general physician's diabetes treatment, you can control your eye condition or prevent one from occurring and protect your vision.

Medical marijuana can be helpful for many medical conditions, but eye care isn't one that it particularly excels at. Stick with your doctor's advice and get help if you're experiencing symptoms. For more information, contact a medical office like Northwest Ophthalmology.


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