Are You Suspicious Your Young Child Has Vision Problems? What to Look For

Posted on: 17 February 2016

Are you starting to have concerns that your young school-aged child can't see properly, and you aren't sure where to go? Consider taking your child to an eye doctor to have a proper vision screening completed right away.

All children should have their vision tested by an eye specialist before they enter kindergarten to make sure there aren't any issues hindering their vision. It isn't always easy for parents to diagnose vision problems, and there could also be signs you don't realize are related to the eyes. Here are a few things to look for.

Headaches or Pain

It can be hard for a young child to explain that they have a headache, but if they say they have pain behind their eyes, around their temples or in their forehead, it could be related to their eyes. They may be getting a headache because they are constantly straining to see properly, or have a vision problem or a sensitivity that is causing the pain.

Academic Struggles

Is your child having a hard time recognizing letters, words, shapes, puzzles and other things that they should be able to pick up on at their age? The problem may not be that they have a problem with competency, but they may instead have a problem with their vision. You don't want to go without getting their vision tested and have them fall further behind.

Eye Hand Coordination is Off

Does your child always seem off balance and stumbling, especially when reaching for items or trying to do actions that require fine motor skills and hand eye coordination? They could have a problem with depth perception, which may make it difficult to see a target or reach for an item. Not only could this make them frustrated when trying to perform daily activities, but it could also be dangerous if they are off balance all the time.

When at the appointment in which your child will be tested, your child will have their eyes dilated, and the eye specialist will tell you where to go from there. If you have questions about the testing process, consider contacting a local eye doctor, such as Dr Specs Optical in Penticton

You may also want to talk with their teachers to see if they have any other concerns related to the eyes for you to talk with the doctor about. There could be a reason why your child doesn't want to sit down and read a book or don't want to sit and watch a television show. The problem could be that they can't see what is going on clearly.


Remember to Have Your Glasses Adjusted if You Lose Weight

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